We invite you to enjoy our new menu that offers a selection of dishes and local cuisine at its best. Our Chef develops a seasonal menu for our guests to discover a rich pallet of flavors from the region. We mostly use produce from local producers, Icelandic Skyr and of course the world famous Arctic char. The Arctic char is raised in the water that comes directly from under Skaftáreldarhraun lava field and is widely considered the best char available. Locally produced lamb is another highlight on KLAUSTUR Restaurant’s menu and is renowned as one of the best in Iceland.

Opening hours: 18:30-21:00


Oven grilled langoustine

with garlic bread, and herbs

kr. 2.700


kr. 5.200


Blueberry cured arctic char

with apple, horseradish Skyr

kr. 1.890

Grilled cheese

with fresh green salad

kr. 2.100

Smoke lamb pate

with tomato salsa and rye bread

kr. 1.790


Noodle soup

with chicken, julienne vegetables and spring onion

kr. 1.650

Soup of the day

Ask the waiter

kr. 1.360

Main courses

Grilled arctic lava char

with sautéed fennel, leeks, potatoes and dill hollandaise

kr. 3.890

Lobster risotto

with sage butter and poached salted cod

kr. 3.990

Slow cooked lambshank

with rutabaga pureé, roasted beetroot and green wine lamb glace

kr. 3.890

Grilled beef ribeye

with grilled mushroom and tomato, potatoes, asparagus, béarnaise foam

kr. 4.190

Breiðabólsstaður hamburger 140gr-

cheddar cheese, picles, salad, tomato, potato wedges and coctail sauce

kr. 2.590

Pastor's lamb burger

with red onion marmalade, pickles, salas, tomato, sweet potato fries and truffle mayo

kr. 2.590

Creamy tagliatelle

with chicken or shrimps, rucola and garlic bread (optionally can be served vegeterian)

kr. 2.990

Tomato risotto

with rucola and parmesan

kr. 2.490


Baked Icelandic skyr

with hroasted oats and blueberry sorbet

kr. 1.290

Chocolate and raspberry log

with white chocolate mousse

kr. 1.290

Fire & ice

kr. 1.290

Icelandic cheese selection

kr. 1.690

Group menu

Menu 1

Lamb Carpaccio with rocket salad, dill oil, balsamic and blueberries

Lava Arctic Char with fried fennel, leek, baby potatoes and hollandaise sauce

Icelandic Skyr with roasted oats, blueberry sorbet and blueberry sauce

Menu 2

Soup of the day

Grilled leg of lamb with root vegetables, baked potato and port-wine sauce

French chocolate cake with whipped cream and berry sauce

Menu 3

Beetroot salad with feta, apples and arugula

Oven baked Cod with tomato basil sauce, crushed potatoes, grilled zucchini and eggplant

Apple pie with vanilla ice cream

Menu 4

Salad of the day

Grilled pork neck with parsnip, carrots, potato wedges and mustard sauce

Rhubarb cake with ice cream and chocolate sauce